The Troubling Trend of Long Delays in EB-5 Immigant Investor Application Process

Nearly all immigration applications before the USCIS are experiencing slow processing times.  EB-5 immigrant investor petitions are no different. In fact, since May of this year, the estimated processing time of EB-5  I-526 petitions has spiked to its highest yet: 45.5 months.   Even though thee Immigrant Investor Program Office (IPO) announced that the backlog of petitions has been reduced, adjudication delays have increased, worrying  EB-5 visa applicants.

New data, showing an increase of 32% to 60% in estimated processing times for petitions, proves there has been a significant slowdown. In addition,  case inquiry dates have seen a huge backslide. The case inquiry date indicates progress and productivity  for applications as it moves forward. On average, before May of 2019, the inquiry dates moved forward by 23 days each month. However, as of April 2019, the case inquiry dates have broken the trend and retrogressed, again evidencing a reduction in IPO’s progress and productivity. 

Many believe the troubling new patterns in IPO’s productivity stifles progress in the local economies by restricting immigrant investment. It could halt the creation of jobs and the use of capital to complete economic development projects. Unfortunately, causes of this recent disruption in IPO’s progress continues to remain unclear but what is crystal clear is that it may be a while before any progress is made. 

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